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Excerpt from “Leather”

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Excerpt from “Leather” Book 2 in The Ridge Falls Series

Brian’s hand landed sharply on his shoulder. “Hey, fridge magnet, are you gonna stare at yourself all day or are we gonna go inside?” Tanner swore his heart jumped out of his chest and was laying on the concrete, beating in the dust.

“Dude, you scared the shit out of me. Did you see that? In the window?”

“What, dozer boy, your ugly face? Yeah, I saw it. So what? Are you done jacking off?” Brian’s blue eyes glittered. “Wanna go in now? I think I see the open sign.” He cupped his hands on the huge window’s darkened glass.

“Um, I don’t know, Brian. Maybe we shouldn’t go in yet.” Tanner felt his knees weaken, remembering the teary plea in the eyes of his older self. He shivered again. “I don’t really feel that good. I don’t think I should have eaten that banana this morning.”

“Really, Tanner Sheehan? Are you bailing on me?.” Brian’s incredulous tone ended in a squeak, “Are you gonna chicken out? You make me get up early on a Saturday to race you down here, just so you can chicken out right before we go inside? You little fuck. What the hell, dude?”

Brian followed Tanner as he backed away from the store. “Honest, Brian, I’m really feeling sick to my stomach. I feel like I’m gonna puke.”

He turned and grabbed his bike, saying over his shoulder as he settled his foot on the pedal, “I’ll call you later, man. I really don’t feel so good.”

He raced away, feeling Brian’s consternation follow him. The words hung inside his mind as he pedaled “Don’t open the door.”

He didn’t see Brian turn back to the store front.

He didn’t see the ornate wooden door open invitingly.

He didn’t see his friend pause, look over his shoulder at him retreating, then shrug and walk into the store.

He didn’t see any of it and he never saw his friend Brian again.

The big bay window absorbed the light, reflecting darkness.