Reblog: Smashwords: 2015 Book Publishing Industry Predictions

Posted: January 1, 2015 in New stuff
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Some very interesting predictions.  I wonder how they will turn out.  Mark is a very astute observer and I believe it will play out much as he says.

What are your feelings about Indies quitting in 2015?

It’s obvious the self publishing trend is slowing down, what do you think of his advice about time management and getting back to basics?

I want to know!

Smashwords: 2015 Book Publishing Industry Predictions: Slow Growth Presents Challenges and Opportunities.

  1. irisdraak says:

    Marlie, I thought this was a very interesting article. Thank you for sharing it.
    I’m watching all of this because I’m on the fence about indie books. I have seen so many terrible, just terrible, indie books (and ebooks). I am really hesitant to go that route because of the perception.
    Having said that, I’ve seen some really good indie books too.
    I plan to do some short, indie ebooks for my blog, but at this point I plan to try the traditional publishing route for the book I’m working on.
    The points about KU are well taken. It reminds me that Amazon is a shifty partner and writers must watch out for their interests. At the same time, good business people find opportunities in shifting environments. There will always be positives and negatives.
    I agree. Best practices will win the day, and indie books are here to stay.


    • Sorry for the late reply, Iris. I agree with you about being cautious. What I have learned so far is that as an author we are a small business, so we need to treat our work with that in mind. Would I put out a widget that is half done, easily broken, and sub-par and then expect people to love it? Of course not. In my opinion, that is what traditional publishers help us do with our small business authorships. They help us create a quality product. Now I understand that statement is said with many examples of subpar work from traditional publishers of late, also. It’s a generalized statement for sure. However, my point is that as my own boss, I want to give my work the best chance to survive, which means, I need to use quality services to make it that way. I certainly can’t do it all myself. This is where niche markets such as editing, formatting, graphic artists, etc. are making the difference between good indie work and poor indie work.
      As with any business, I do my research, find the best services I can, and then work on making my name recognizable out of the billion other names in this world.
      In the end, though, I still write because I have to write. I can’t NOT write anymore.
      Thanks for the post!


  2. williameck says:

    I agree with Mark Coker that self-piblishing is going to get more difficult. It’s a shame that Kindle Unlimited has led to some self-published authors earning less. However, I don’t think this is cause for despair. Any industry that grows as quickly as self-publishing has is bound to become more competitive.

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