Marlie Harris spent her youth reading Anne Rice, Stephen King, Dean Koontz and then later graduated to Neil Gaimen, Clive Barker, and H.P. Lovecraft.

When Marlie is not writing stories and poetry, she runs her business, Back Office Business Strategy.  Thankfully, the business also means a lot of writing.  She is a member of Treasure Valley Critiquers and the Treasure Valley Writer’s Guild.  She has been writing for most of her life while exploring various careers from grain elevator operator, concrete finisher, and ambulance driver to administrator of a Home Health Agency, project manager, and analyst for a Top 40 Corporation.

The Ridge Falls Series Book 1: Into the Darkness is Marlie’s first publication.  She is currently putting the finishing touches of her debut novel, “Leather” a book set in Ridge Falls and tentatively ready for publication in November.  Her passion is to write horror and thriller stories.

Marlie enjoys the outdoors as a dirt biker, hiker, angler, and avid reader of horror, but her biggest obsessions are the color green and collecting dragons and her nirvana is a green dragon.

Marlie can be reached at the following:

www.marlieharris.com – blog

@mharrisauthor – twitter

Mharrisauthor – tumblr

marlieharris – flikr


Marlie is the pen name of Renee Settle.

Renee is a non-fiction writer, speaker, and back office business strategist. She is owner of Back Office Business Strategy and writing “Introverts Guide to Small Business”. You can reach her at the following:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/rsettle65

Twitter – @bobstrategist


If you need it any clearer – Marlie is Renee and Renee is Marlie. Call me what you want, just don’t call me late for dinner!

  1. Drew Llew says:

    Hi Marlie, thanks so much for following my blog. I’m pleased you found something of interest there! You’ve also restored my faith in the blogosphere. Too many of my recent ‘follows’ have been spam-like, offering services to buy, and your blog looks like it is from a real person! Welcome, and I hope to keep you entertained.


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