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Discovering your Mission Statement

Discovering your Mission Statement

Do you remember in second grade when the teacher would ask you to draw a picture of what you want to be when you grow up? I know I’m going back to childhood on some ideas. The reason I do this is because when we were children, we had this amazing ability to see everything as reachable and attainable.

I remember drawing a picture of an alien. Because, I knew that aliens traveled the universe and saw these amazing things. An astronaut just wasn’t enough. I wanted to be able to breathe another atmosphere without a helmet. I wanted to experience things that were normal to a human with an alien’s eye.

So I drew an alien.

My teacher smiled politely and gave my work an “A”.

It was the best day of my life up till then.

Then I grew up and as a grown up, learned to put away my childish dreams and face reality.

Cue the music....

Cue the music….

Your Mission Statement, should you accept…

Your business plan mission statement is the dream that you started with when you first decided to go on this path. It is a sentence. Just one, that says exactly what you want to do with your small business life when you grow up.

Your mission is your second grade drawing. It’s why you decided to do this.

For me, it’s why I decided to write. I want to help people.

To help others by writing stories that allow people to feel when they read them.

There isn’t enough feeling in this world any more. There is plenty of passion, but no one feels.

Because it means accepting where you are in this very moment and FEELING through it.

Sometimes it hurts so much you want to curl into a tiny ball of hedgehog and disappear  under a mass of prickly spines.

Sometimes it is so good your body can’t contain the joy and you swear the rays are going to pierce out of your skin and spray the world with light.

Sometimes it is so fearful that you are sure your heart is going to burst out of your chest and run ahead of you screaming like a banshee.

Passion doesn’t encompass those kind of emotions. But Feeling does.

That’s why I chose the word for my mission.

Here is a different one for you.  The Mission Statement for my small business coaching is this:

To assist small business owners in realizing the potential of their dreams and help them achieve it by giving them the tools and inspiration to succeed.

Now it’s your turn. I’ll leave a space for you below to picture it and you can put it in the comments.

My Mission Statement is:






There is the space, fill it up with tbe drawing of what your business is going to be when it grows up. Don’t hold back and don’t be afraid. If you are worried that your statement isn’t good enough, talk to you business friend. If you have no one to bounce it off of, contact me. I’ll help in a post. No names of course. And if you want to retain my services, well, then, lets talk.

Tomorrow should see me on track with the A to Z Challenge now. The letter is “E”. Wanna guess what it’s going to be?

Have a great day/night, my friends.


When I grow up....

When I grow up….

BHow many of you actually know what a business plan does? Show of hands. Yeah, I didn’t know much about them either. I’ve heard from other coaches that the business plan is the “Plan for your business.” Well, that’s a big “Duh!”

But what does it really mean? What’s a vision? What’s a mission? and those three acronyms… S. W. O. T. that stand for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. SWOT. To me I could go down to the dollar store and buy one to kill my flies.

After a lot of researching, sweating blood onto the page, and then ripping it up to start again, this is what I have learned about the business plan.


  1. You need a working business plan to move forward and grow.
  2. Your business plan needs to be a living document.  It is looked at as often as you need to be reminded of why you’re doing this, what you plan to do, and the list of steps to get you there.
  3. It will change.  I guarantee, the business plan will change.  No one likes change.  Especially when you think you are building momentum, but trust me.  Change is good, even when it looks like the worst thing that could ever happen.
  4. It.  Is.  Not. A. Monster.   I know some of you are looking at blank business plans imagining it to be this huge purple and green hairy monstrosity ready to consume your soul.  (Okay, maybe that’s just me talking.)  But it’s really not.  Especially when you break it down into its parts.

    Parts is Parts!

    Parts is Parts!

  5. Once you understand what each section means, it will actually be fun and energizing to complete and play with.  It’s sort of like building your own map.  No one tells you what you have to put on your map.  Only you.
    Cowbell The Dog

    Cowbell The Dog

    Do you remember in kindergarten when you could draw whatever you wanted on a piece of paper and your mom would look at it and say, “Wow, honey, that’s the most beautiful horse I’ve ever seen!”  and you reply, “No, Mom, that’s Cowbell, our dog!”  That’s what you get to do with a business plan.  Draw Cowbell the dog.

So today’s post is a day late.  I’m using up my Sunday because of circumstances that happen in life.  Don’t be afraid, I’m still going to write these.  Tomorrow is C.

Tell me below what you think C would represent in a business plan.  I would love to hear from you!

Have a great day!



A to Z ChallangeWhen I first made my blog II titled my blog “Don’t Open That Door….” with a sub line “See now you did it.” At the time, I thought it was a great way to convey the horror/mystery genre of writing that I am doing. Then I realized something, It also had to do with exploring my own inner self, too. I’ve been on this journey for about six months seriously and a lifetime, truthfully. The journey to accept my introversion in a world that didn’t celebrate it. From Dale Carnegie to Tony Robbins, the idea of extroversion is great and the only way to be has been around for a very long time. I never fit into it. But I was taught that there was something wrong with me if I didn’t fit in, so I better make myself fit in. Sort of like coming out, in a way, the process has been long and, at times, tortuous.

I am an introvert, but I love change. I thrive on new challenges and if I can’t get new challenges in my life, then I get bored. When I get bored, bad things happen. In the past, boredom caused me to drink and do drugs, almost to excess, but then I was given a challenge that totally consumed my time and I didn’t need those crutches anymore. More challenges came, I overcame them, excelled at them, mastered them as far as I wanted, then got bored…and well, you get the picture.

Some people called it looking for greener grass. I called it keeping me sane. Monotony drives me completely, utterly, and destructively insane.

Then came the chance to write. To explore new territories and challenge my resources and abilities every single time. Every. Single. Time.

After over 40 years of searching for that one thing that would keep me occupied and not bored, and therefore not self destructive. I’d found it and at the same time, I realized something. Being an author, just like every other thing I tried, is a business. It’s a small business.

That’s what I’m going to blog about (mostly) in April. Introverts guide to small business according to Marlie Harris. There might be some other posts sprinkled in, but that’s my main focus. So wish me luck!