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The picture you see in the post was taken by my girlfriend during our trek to see my brother who had just had a massive (read – widowmaker) heart attack.  His wife isn’t a widow, thankfully, and I got to see his shining face and hug that burly chested solid frame of his.  We also had some amazing talks about wakeup calls and the like.  That’s another post, this one is about the picture.

I am a writer, therefore, when I’m not writing, I’m thinking about writing.  So, of course, when my girlfriend showed me this picture, I went straight to the writerly part.  She was so excited because when you zoom in on the picture, there is apparently my visage standing among the trees.  Next to the car.  Right there…no, right…there…  Okay, so it’s really hard to see.  But once you see it, you can’t not see it.  If that makes sense.

I realized characters are often like that.  We search and search the photo we have in our head, trying to find that one character who pops out and makes the scene understandable.  Once we find them, we can’t lose them, they are easy to see.  But until then, we just keep squinting and zooming and cursing under our breath.  Because these characters are really us or rather a portion of us.  We are trying to find ourselves in the landscape of writing.  That one single character who embodies the idea of what the scene is about.  Not necessarily the whole novel, just that one scene.  That one character.

This last week, I found one of those characters.  His name is Stanley Myers.  He’s a minor player in the novel, Leather, but his role is important.  He’s the first to be sacrificed.  I don’t really like Mr. Myers.  As character’s go, he’s not a likable fellow, but he’s important for this scene.  So he is important to me and hopefully to you, reader.  

I’m in here, honest!

 I’d been searching for him for quite awhile.  I knew what he looked like.  I even pictured his hands.  Long, bony, with nails perfectly trimmed.  But I didn’t actually see him until this weekend.  Now, I can’t NOT see him.  He’s come to the forefront of my writer’s mind and I have to finish his scene.  

It won’t end well for him, unfortunately, but maybe you, reader, might enjoy his demise.

I would love to read your thoughts on characters, fictional and not, and how you search then find them.  Are they memorable?  Do you wish you could no longer see them?

See you on the other side of tomorrow in Ridge Falls… it’s already too late.


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I’ll be writing again soon.


11022013 193Yes, today is release day for my collaborative book with Troy Lambert.  I am excited to realize my dream of becoming an author.

I know we all say that if we write, we are writers, and this is true.  I know that’s what helped me keep moving forward, exactly what Kristen Lamb keeps saying.  We Are Not Alone.  We are writers.


There is something about seeing your name on a cover.

There is something magical about going to Amazon, searching for your name, and seeing this:

This Is What It Looks Like

This Is What It Looks Like

It’s amazing.  It’s Magical.  It’s scary as hell.  Because now the responsibility kicks in.  I’m an author.  I have published a book and I plan on publishing a lot more!  And that’s scary.  All the what if’s come to play.

That’s why I posted that picture of my mother and my brother above.  My mother died of lung cancer a couple of years ago.  It took my life into a tailspin that only in the last year, I’ve been able to recover from.  But that’s another story.

I posted the picture of my brother and mother to remind me that life is short.  Happiness is fleeting.  But Joy, deep and lasting, soul filling joy can be found.  You just have to believe.  And trust me, sometimes it’s damned hard to do.

I dedicated this book to my brother, because, well, he deserved it.  He has been my best friend since I can remember.  He and I shared secrets and tears and everything I would imagine a best friend does.  He is my “Bud”.  And for the record, again, I really did NOT try to kill him while we were growing up.  It may have seemed that way, but, most of the time, I was right there with him, cheering on his courage (or naivete) to try the stories and adventures I came up with.  He is the strongest, most amazing man I’ve ever met.  We raised each other right.


SO, here are the links to my first book.  I look forward to hearing from you and I’m glad you’re coming with me on this journey.  We Are Not Alone.

And where we are going… that’s a VERY good thing.

Welcome to Ridge Falls.

It’s already too late.



Please feel free to comment and share this post.  I would actually love to hear from you and gain new friends.

You all take care now,



Launches 08/15/14

Launches 08/15/14

The first book in the Ridge Falls Series – Into The Darkness

Welcome to Ridge Falls.

Where a person can die, but not really.  Where survival means the unimaginable.  Where the reservoir holds a horrific secret, not everyone is prepared to face.  A boy’s fascination becomes a moving massacre.  A young woman’s sacrifice turns hairy, a narcissist meets the ultimate dance partner, and much more.

Welcome to Ridge Falls.

Once you step Into The Darkness, you’re already gone.

Author’s Marlie Harris and Troy Lambert bring the first peek into the town of Ridge Falls.  Go to the Facebook Page Ridge Falls , like it, and learn more!

Welcome To Ridge Falls

Welcome To Ridge Falls